Ages: 5 and up

Description: This unique program allows students who demonstrate a passion for dance, considerable technical ability and a willingness to learn, the chance to take their training to the next level. Emphasis is placed on developing strong technique, artistry and performance skills.

At the Mini and Novice levels, I.T.P. students are required to take technique classes in Ballet and Jazz. Junior, Intermediate and Senior I.T.P. students expand their technical skills with additional classes. All students participate in a competitive group(s) and are invited to take additional dance disciplines including Acro, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical and Stretch and Strength.

I.T.P. students attend a variety of competitions and special events throughout the year.

Entry into the intensive training program is by teacher recommendation and/or audition.

Program Length: 2.25 hours/week +

Uniform: To reflect each individual dance style + Studio Jacket or Hoodie

Programs Available:  Use ages as a guideline, however, students will be placed according to skill level.

Ages Level Day Time Class Length
5-6 Mini Various
7-8 Novice Various
8-10 Junior A Various
9-11 Junior B Various
12-14 Intermediate Various
15+ Senior Various