Ages: 7 and up

Description:  Our Jazz/Lyrical class combines two of the most sought after classes in one.  The fusion of jazz and lyrical make this class a favourite amongst the students.  The dancer will focus on jazz technique and the beautiful expression of lyrical that portray the feeling and mood of the music.  For the Intermediate level students, a full length lyrical class is available where students can focus on technique and the artistry of lyrical dance.

Class Length:  45 minutes


  • Black Bodysuit or BSD Gear*
  • Convertible or Footless Dark Tan Tights
  • Bare Feet or Nude Foot Undeez

Classes Available:

Ages Class/Level Day Time Class Length
7-10 Novice/Junior Jazz/Lyrical Monday 5:45pm – 6:30pm 45 min
11+ Intermediate Lyrical Monday 8:15pm – 9:00pm 45 min


*BSD Gear = Bradford School of Dance shorts + Bradford School of Dance T-shirt or tank top